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Magazine "Drums & Percussion" May/June 2012

Viajeros "With this album, the debut of the international Quintett created around the violinist Isaias Lubo, there is latin jazz at it's best coming from Leipzig, Germany. Along with the latin american roots there is a wide array of very different musical styles that makes the "Journey" of the 5 musicians absolutely exciting"


About "Viajeros" on "" and "" - (March 2012).

ViajerosOrinoko's new album "Viajeros" covers a vast spectrum of music based on folk, jazz, fusion, pop, soul and rock and as if that was not enough, there is an innovative veil of Latin rhythms and certainly doesn't follow the path of normality. Sure a crucial fact is that the band is composed of members from nearly half a dozen countries such as Venezuela, Cuba Italy and Germany. Each bringing to the sometimes melancholic sounding mix a thoroughly classical touch often obtained through the unorthodox elements being used such as J.S. Bach's music or violins, certainly giving to it more expression. The seven tracks are surprisingly easy to listen to, the groove serves as a central theme throughout the album.  

Designed as a microcosmic comic, the booklet rounds up successfully the style of Orinoko's eclectic rollercoaster ride and makes the album something that is increasingly rare these days: something different indeed. “Bravo !

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About "Viajeros" in "Fábrika" - Miami, USA (November 2011).

Orinoco one of the largest rivers of South America. Orinoko the melody that gives it life"

Viajeros..."An expedition that involves jazz, fusion, samba, rock, Venezuelan folk, cumbia, salsa and more in a Latin explosion.

3 Songs Worth Listening: 1. "Viajeros" is the opening track which pays great tribute to the title and the bands personal experience. This mix-and-match of sweet salsa and mellow mambo talks about an immigrants voyage to unknown places to find that special something. 2. "Sarabandeao" is an instrumental piece that lets you intake everything Orinoko is about. Latin jazz, world influences and deep bass compose this sensual and pleasant jazz of almost seven-minutes long. 3."Cruzaito" accelerates between tempo and melody. Taking us through the mellow-toned to the fast-paced side of jazz.  Beginning with an impeccable rhythm and ending with an attractive 'shoulder-and-hip-shaking' melody that will keep you on your feet."

By Jessica Roiz

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About "Viajeros" in "" - Canada (September 2011) .

Viajeros"Isaias Lubo is a composer, violinist and singer that hails from Venezuela, and is now based in Germany. On Viajeros (Travelers) and with his band “Orinoko” he offers a great mix of Jazz, Fusion, Latin and Rock elements (even a bit of J. S. Bach, who inspired Lubo on the track Sarabandeao). Rhythms from his native country receive a special treatment, infused with a distinctive, worldly flavor."

Reviewed by Danilo Navas



About the album "Viajeros" in Que pasa Magazine, London

Viajeros"Isaias Lubo, a Venezuelan composer, violinist and singer has produced a unique and vibrant CD that has enriched Latin Jazz. Several tracks reflect Isaias Lubo's innovative vision of his music like a bridge between the traditional venezuelan music and modern sounds.

It is no doubt that greater things are still to come from this young inspiring Jazz musician. It will be fascinating to watch Isaias Lubo musical growth and bless the world with his music. Many tracks explore Venezuelan culture deeply, moving through musical compositions and written works.

Isaias Lubo and his musicians display exceptional musicianship and artistic merit as they envision Venezuela's culture through the eyes of jazz"

Reviewed by Othiela Luna

About the album "Viajeros" in "Folker" - Germany's biggest world music magazine. (September - October 2011 issue)

Viajeros"The home town of the Venezuelan-Cuban-Italian-German Quintet is Leipzig Germany which doesn’t look as tropical as their album cover and their afro caribbean rock-jazzy in part with spanish singing mixture, with their shrewd rythms and arrangements doesn’t give any clues to their place of origin.

The promising debut album makes you want more!!!



Orinokos first Album "Viajeros" Out now !!!

ViajerosOur Album "Viajeros" (English: Travelers) published on June the 29th 2011 by the German label Heideck and distribution by Galileo MC is available for ordering.

Galileo MC:

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About "Orinoko" Peter Matzke for the Leipziger Volkszeitung (Leipzig/ Germany Newspaper), March 2011.

imagesOrinoko "High class Latin up to date".

"Orinoko’s music is effervescent, exuberant, full of rhythmic surprises, and moves confidently in the wide range between Venezuelan and Cuban folklore, Latin jazz, progressive rock and western pop.

Even the cast breathe authenticity. Isaias Lubo (Venezuela - violin, vocals, percussion), Robert Fratta (Italy - percussion) and Pocho Rosales (Cuba - Drums) create the basis of their sound, the whole is more than complemented through the excellently trained German musicians Matthäus Krzywdzinski and Ben Hohlfeld on guitar and bass.

The amazed listener's heart stands still due to such filigree instrumental work. Rarely has exuberant, complex musicality been cast in such crisp songs. After several minutes listening you are captivated by the music and truly inspired by the rhythm"


Orinoko were finalists of “Creole German world music” contest (central Germany) March the 4th 2011.

imagesWe played and shared a very nice evening with all the great bands that participated in the Creole World music contest 2011. Here is a Video of the concert at Objekt 5 in Halle, Germany: click here





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